Olfactory Marketing

Olfactory Marketing

Olfactory Marketing

carfreshener.eu REINVENTS Olfactory Marketing

You can see, smell, admire our products.

Olfactory Marketing is a tool that facilitates the relations with the clients. It is proven that the presence of an essence improves the perception of your Brand… Then, we improve everything, customizing the perfume for the car so that not only travelers inside can enjoy our perfumes, but also the ones outside the vehicle can see your brand.

Olfactory emotions

Companies base their marketing strategies on conventional tools. Car Freshener, by its customized car fresheners, associates them the olfactory emotions through the delicate scents selection for a simple, economical and effective object.

Olfactory Marketing

The scent consolidates brand communication, the consumer’s perception and attention, helps him remind your products, a moment, and if we add the fact that the perfume is a visual tool, we achieve the maximum efficiency in communication.

Limbic system

The essences determine the limbic system to remember happy, pleasant moments and a quality perfume is the tool to activate it. Emotions are impulses of the state of good, and these can be induced through the sense of smell.

Olfactory market

Through the customized Car freshener product you can extend your market not only to users who know you, but also to those coming in contact with them. It is enough to think of the natural position of the car freshener, hanging from the review mirror, which makes it visible both inside and outside the car. The communication enters in all the cars with Car Freshener.

Olfactory logo

The association of your brand with a perfume helps to memorize it at an individual level; it has been proven that olfactory memory remembers 35% of what we have felt, while we remember only 5% of what we have seen. Car Freshener combines both instruments; this makes Car Freshener one of the best tools to make your Brand UNFORGETTABLE


Car Freshener is the car freshener with the image of your company. The ideal tool as a gift, to be remembered, promotional gift which is not thrown away, not even after its effect stops. They can be made in all shapes and sizes and we can offer more essences. With Car Freshener you cannot remain unnoticed.