Car Freshener is a customized freshener

We produce original car fresheners under any shape

Because it is not only a car freshener! Car Freshener is the way you want it and sends your promotional message, your brand, your ideas!

Smell the track of success, choose Car Freshener!

The car air freshener Car Freshener is a highly successful multi-sensory promotional gift, which conquers at first sight and serves without exception the one who receives it and the one who offers it.

It offers an optimal, persistent and perfumed visibility: choosing it as a promotional gift guarantees maximum notoriety of the brand, the consolidation of some promotional companies and the satisfaction of personal, existing and potential clients.

Take advantage of this opportunity to promote yourself in an advantageous, pleasant and efficient manner: choose a gift that captivates, a Car Freshener that says something about you!

Car Freshener can be:

  • A company promotional gift
  • An invitation
  • A business card
  • And much more!


Give communication a scent.

We have a wide range of perfumes for your Car Freshener products.

We all like to feel a pleasant perfumed inside the car: this is the power of a Car Freshener promotional gift which, once received, is kept and pleasantly used, ensuring a maximum visibility and extended durability of your message.

Due to the variety of scents you can choose from… you cannot remain unnoticed!

You can choose from classic perfumes, those of juicy fruits, those inspired from famous perfumes and other innovating and original combinations. Find the Car Freshener scent suitable for you and perfume your communication!


Car Freshener represents originality in communication.

Our products are beautiful, scented, customized.

Give your car additional personality! Highlight your image!

Car Freshener also creates customized air fresheners with fresh scents for drawers and closets, exclusive coasters, even without scents, with printing on one or both sides.

Search the promotional gift suitable for you, a car freshener which represents your style: choose Car Freshener.

Today, consumers are invaded daily with messages coming from the most different mass media channels. Among the numerous communication means, the PPM (Promotional Publicity Material) is a very efficient tool focusing a specific market in a discrete and customized manner. Corporate gifts are a strong communication mean between the company and the market it approaches. An appropriate promotional campaign focuses on raising the company values to the maximum.

All important elements of a successful marketing strategy are always associated with advertising materials. Car Freshener is a truly original and appreciated promotional gift, which can be performed for more occasions with different purposes. Here are some of the most frequent uses of Car Freshener:

Technical information

IT IS EASY to create your own Car Freshener model

Here you have some rules for having the customized car freshener

Car Freshener air fresheners features

  • Print the image monochrome or at 300 dpi in 4 colors, front and back (from .pdf or .ai file with vector stamp on another level, supplied by the client)
  • Completely customizable shapes with a maximum size of 7 x 10,5 cm
  • Choosing the scent from the varied list of available ones
  • Each Car Freshener is provided with a hook and individually sealed in a transparent bag, which preserves the scent, to guarantee the integrity of the product for more than 24 months

Send us your image (pdf vector with stamp on another level) Choose the quantity and the scent you want and calculate the payment estimate.

The delivery time is of approximately 30 business days.

Contact us for more information: we perform orders received from any type of persons, for any type of budget and any need.