Custom shapes and prints

Customized shapes

Car Freshener invents the shape you want.

We manufacture beautiful, original air fresheners in any shape

The first advice we give you is to go and see the exiting shapes, this will allow you to have an idea of how your Customized car Freshener product would look like.

Existing shapes

Choose a shape from the existing ones.

We have a wide range of shapes for your Car Freshener products.

Choose the shape you like best, you will see you can download pdf files that you can modify as you like…

  • The pdf file has 3 pages:
  • the first one presents the shape, and as far as possible, do not modify it.
  • the second one presents the first side of the Car freshener, satisfy all your fantasies…
  • the third one presents the second side of the Car Freshener, remember the two sides can be different and this does not involve additional costs…


Car Freshener offers you the possibility of creating a prototype.

Our products are customized car fresheners.

Ask for the option to create a prototype, thus you will be able to try the result of your work.


easy and cheap

With us, everything smells differently

here are some rules in order to have a customized car freshener

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